Cast holder for 3 fly rig & dead link

Sorry to say that the link to the Frugal Fly Fisher Forum is now dead.  (Posted in Some carefully selected links for DIY fly fishing on January 13)

Here is the tip that I posted in that forum.

This is a cast holder for a 3-fly cast which I use for English loch style fishing on the lakes. Making the cast up beforehand saves time. The idea can, of course, be used with single fly rigs. It’s main advantage is that it doesn’t kink the leader (unlike the traditional slots-in-the card).

The base is a plastic pie plate. The idea of the hole in the middle is that I store two or three of these in an old tobacco tin stacked one on top ot the other. The hole makes it easy to remove the casts. Diameter is about 3 inches.

Fixed onto the base are 6 felt furniture protectors (self gluing)

The point fly is inserted into one of the felt rounds. The cast is wound around until the middle fly which is also inserted into a round and so on. The end of the leader has a loop which is then fixed by using a map pin.

The flies in the picture are : Point Fly (at bottom of picture)  purple English hopper; Middle dropper (just above the hopper) carrot fly; Top dropper (top of pic) black soft hackle.

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