Simplificate Part 1: Fly fishing gear I used to carry

Well I laughed when I read that! So much fly fishing gear to carry for a short excursion. Then I reflected on what I used to carry.

One rod ( great improvement!) set up with reel , flyline, leader & tippet,  landing net in fish bag (see previous post) , sunglasses, waders (depending on conditions chest or thigh),  hat (now, thanks to ageing, with flip-down magnifiers…thank you Mr Orvis of Richmond, Virginia).

In the multi-pocketed vest I carried:  forceps or pliers, line clippers, line floatant,  line sinkant, split shot or lead putty, leaders, 2 to 3 spools of tippet material, 9 fly boxes (nymphs, streamers, mayfly dries & emergers, caddis dries & emergers, terrestrials, stoneflies, traditional wet flies, flymphs/spider wet flies, miscellaneous),fly patch, spare reel/spool with sinking line; and ditto with with sink tip line, hook sharpening tool, strike indicators, fly drying powder, scales, measuring tape, fishing log and pencil; fishing licence, leather tippet straightener,  priest, knife, flashlight, camera.

AND to keep me comfortable, a  first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent, snacks,  water, sweater, rain coat, a flask with a drop of uisge beatha (the water of life).

AND, just in case the 9 fly boxes didn’t cover the hatch, a streamside fly tying kit.

AND, in my scientific angler phase, I also carried a marrow spoon, petri dish, aquarium net, small vials and thermometer.

AND as a pipe smoker I carried pipe, tobacco, 2 lighters, pipe tool and pipe cleaners.

NOW of course the well-equipped angler would also carry a mobile phone, preferably incorporating a GPS and a Match-the-hatch APP.

So some time ago I decided that enough stuff was too much stuff and I had to (in the immortal words of Henry Ford) “Simplificate, and add more lightness!”. It was either that or start body building so that I could carry that load, although I did toy with this idea:

Next post: How I simplificated my fly fishing stuff.

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