Fly wallets & some more fly tying oddities

While I have made some fly wallets before, I felt the need to have a look around on the Internet for inspiration. Google “vintage fly wallets” under images and you will find heaps, but here are a couple that particularly took my fancy.

The Hardy Salmon Fly Wallet (more of a tacklebook than a fly wallet) from Vintage Fly Tackle

With this method of holding the flies which I hadn’t seen before: HSFW hold

There is also this homemade version on James Castwell’s site, Just Old Flies and Stuff

And another homemade version, by robbido on the Flyfishing CO UK forum

Homemade fly wallet

with a solution to the squashing problem.

When I do get around to making the wallet, I’ll post some pics.

In the meantime, just a couple of additional fly tying thingos (tips?)

To prevent that disaster of spilling the varnish all over that expensive (!?!)cock hackle cape, I’ve wedged the varnish bottles into their spot on the fly tying lap station , so they can’t spill.

When I tie (my equivalent of mylar from the craft store) flash along the wing of streamer flies, I tie it midway along the strand of flash, then double it back and tie over the doubled portion; greater strength. Of course I double back the butt ends of the wings themselves before cutting and tying off.

Tight lines and good tying.

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