Sunglasses Strap Holder, a ten minute or less DIY Fix-it

Needing to strap my sunglasses firmly to my noggin, so I could fall out of my kayak again, I had to make something quickly. Here’s what I did:

Step 1. Cut strip from dysfunctional wet suit.

Step 2. Punch a hole at either end

Step 3. Thread a rubber/elastic band through.



Step 4 Loop to loop


Step 5 Bring the loop over the end of the neoprene


Step 6 Insert the sunglass shaft and wind the rubber band around it to hold it on.


Step 7 Repeat on the other side AND VOILA!



Worked, too. Stayed on in spite of dunking!


Of course, smarter people than I have come up with better ways to do the same thing (even if they do take longer!).

Here’s one using paracord

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