DIY Wading Staff

Wading staff

Made from what was around the house.

Broom handle for the shaft. (I am thinking that I may want to “upgrade” at some point to something sturdier)

Cross piece from found burnt wood roughly sawn and whittled to shape, left rough because it fits nicely into my hand. Glued to the shaft by a vinyl sleeve. Why a cross piece? Inspired by Tom Davis at Teton Tenkara

This T-piece allows me to hold the top of the staff in deeper water. I also use it to quickly grab the tenkara line so to bring it to my rod hand. This has greatly decreased the amount of time in hand lining the fish in — particularly when the fish is larger or the current is fast. The T-piece also lets me grab overhead branches to retrieve my snagged fly.

Grip: bound with synthetic cord. (Paracord would have been better, but I didn’t have any)

Tip: Now I really wished I had kept the link for this idea, so I could give credit where credit is due. So my sincere apologies to whoever. Rubber furniture tip with the end cut off. This way the end can mushroom and fray, giving a better grip, but the integrity of the shaft is protected by the ring of rubber. There was no need to glue this on as the tip was just the right size.

Shaft and handle rubbed down with Joseph Lyddy Boot Goo, a beeswax based waterproofing for leather. I expect to rinse and dry the staff and then re-apply the coating after each outing.

For a lanyard, I used a spare kayak paddle leash attached to my belt.

Staff worked fine on its first trial in my local brook and made wading on the bowling balls much easier.

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