DIY Links

Here are some carefully selected links to sites which I have found to be useful for DIY fly fishing. I hope that they will be useful to you, too.

Repairing fishing rods I recommend Ralph O’Quinn’s articles on repairing fly fishing rods. This is an excellent guide, which I used to repair my snapped-in-half rod top, two years ago. The repair is intact, with no noticeable difference in casting action.

Free online books Using the online Internet archive’s search facility, you will find a load of antiquarian and out-of-print books on fly fishing. The search engine is quite specific, so try fly fishing and flyfishing, for example. Search terms I have used (in addition to these two) are fly angling, fly tying, fly tyer, fishing flies, trout flies.
Here is another site linking to out-of-print books

Here is a new one: an online library where you can read out-of-copyright books online and borrow books. Has a useful selection of fly fishing and fly tying books. Open Library

Free online magazine and information I enjoy reading, and find valuable, Midcurrent. MidCurrent is an independent provider of fly fishing news, literature and advice. It is run by experienced anglers and guides who enjoy helping others learn.

Kindred spirit online forum The Frugal Fly Fishermanhas useful information on DIY contributed by readers. Now dead.

Generally valuable site

New Zealand fishing guide This is here partly because I lived in NZ for a time, partly because I long to fish there again, partly because this is the best guide to fishing in a country anywhere. Besides, if you want to fish New Zealand sans guide you will need this to create your own itinerary.

Tasmanian fishing guide I live here now. If you want a DIY fishing trip here, you will need these resources:

Make your own wooden landing net : While I haven’t made my own net, both of these sites provide good guidance, based on my experience with woodworking generally.

Tenkara the Zen-like simplicity and freedom of tenkara is well introduced by Jason Klass at Even if you don’t take up the method, the means of achieving simplicity are a goldmine for the simply self-reliant fly fisher.

From Roughfisher

…..How to make your own rod carrying case or rod tube 

…..Fly boxes

And another type of rod case (square profile) by Modern Bushman here

BY Tom Biesot at Global Fly Fisher.   The design and making of homemade fly fishing reels

A fellow DIYer: lots of ideas for fly boxes and a fly tying station a lot like mine! Great (simple!) minds thinking alike. Fly and Gin




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